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As one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers of CCTV Surveillance, Auto-Gate & Remote, Alarm, and Smart Home systems, ADOS CCTV has been manufacturing and wholesaling high-end surveillance and safety solutions for both the consumer market and retailers around Malaysia. Despite having only been around since 2002, we at ADOS CCTV have more than 15 years of experience in this field. Ados CCTV also known as the subsidiary company from I.S. Security Solution Sdn. Bhd. CCTV Surveillance, auto-gate and alarm systems are becoming an essential part of any business or homes. Be it placing CCTV to record what employees are doing, or perhaps to protect oneself from intruders, they’re all valid reasons to have these systems. As such, we have taken the liberty to not only apply these technological advancement to protect our consumers, but to allow them to benefit from ever more sophisticated and reliable approaches to security at a lower cost. Hence, our mission and vision at ADOS CCTV have always been about providing the best home solution that is durable, trustable and affordable. On top of that, safety and the sense of security are also a part of the effort to ensure that your home is fully protected starting from the Auto-gate all the way back to the CCTV surveillance. With that in mind, ADOS CCTV has been striving ever since to not only keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends, technology and design, but as well as customer service and relationships. This is to ensure the trust between two parties and to uphold our general morale as a company. Ados About Image The products that are currently available (or in the future) at ADOS CCTV are made from the highest quality standards and procedure. We have multiple factories in Taiwan, China and Malaysia, each manufacturing only one product to ensure consistency and quality. This way, we can not only deliver cheaper systems to the public, but as well as minimizing various errors that might contribute to damaging the product itself. Each product will also undergo vigorous testing before entering the market to ensure that durability is a thriving factor, apart from the quality and design aspects of it. We take pride in our work and we want the public to feel confident and at ease with the range of our home solutions. Hence the long hours put into making sure everything is as great and affordable as it gets. Our business model currently consists of only supplying these systems to retailer and occasionally, individual members of the public. The retailers that we supply to will have their set of contractors to help install and perform necessary tasks while individuals who purchase directly from us will be given a recommendation if required. We want to ensure that everything from the purchasing to transaction and finally, installation as well goes as smooth as possible. Which is why we have a team of dedicated after-sales staffs to support that very action. If there’s any enquires or product related issue, feel free to drop us an email or simply call us, and our team will take care of it. In conclusion, we at ADOS CCTV believe that with the advancement and influence of technology, everyone can now feel safer at home, or anywhere else. These advancements such as biometrics, fingerprint recognition, iris scanning and voice command may be the thing of the future, and hopefully, we will be able to bring them to the public as well. Hence, we at ADOS CCTV, wishes everyone to stay safe, healthy and at ease with your surroundings with our range of products and home solutions.



As we are the market leader in supplying and wholesaling, our mission at ADOS CCTV has always been about providing the best services and products in surveillance and home systems. We also want to be the one stop center for all these systems, and a center of confidence to our fellow consumers.



With an aspiring dream of expanding our current portfolio, our Vision is to innovate and introduce new products and features with the advancement of technology, at an affordable rate. On top of that, to be recognized as a world-class supplier and wholesaler for home systems and surveillance as well.


Goals & Objective

We are striving to not only maintain our current stance as the market leader in CCTV surveillance, auto-gate and home systems, but to deliver and share these success with our consumers. It is them who have made us who we are today and we shall work towards a common goal of improving a community as a whole.


We Specialist in following below.

CCTV Surveillance

Keep yourself safe and secure by knowing what is going on around your surroundings.

Auto-gate & Remote Systems

Effortless way to get in or out of a vicinity.

Alarm & Alarm Systems

Do not let thieves or robbers get you through the easy way! Give them some competition.

Smart Homes

With a touch of a panel, you can now control almost anything within your home or office.